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Eric Botelho is the Founder of Sanctuary House and the Pastor at Sanctuary Faith Community. Eric has over 27 years of recovery and his personal leadership style and passion for people have created a community unlike any other. Eric has a Master of Arts Degree in Divinity and loves being a Child of God and the opportunity to seek and serve Him. As a student of history, Eric has a desire to travel and experience the work and culture of others with the hope to live with an expanded worldview. Eric truly enjoys being a dad and loving husband as well as, spending genuine time in community with others.


Margo Botelho is the owner of Sanctuary House, supports all facets of the ministry, and is the leader/board member for Sanctuary Faith Community. Margo was a teacher at Dana Hills high school for twenty years, receiving numerous Teacher of the Year awards. She also coached the Dana Hill's softball team to the playoffs. Margo was a softball player at Fresno State and loves competitive sports. Outside of work she simply adores being a mother, and loves interior decorating.