In addition to the Nicene and Apostolic creeds:

Sanctuary BELIEVES

…In the authority & Infallability of scripture to lead to Salvation, Freedom & Life.

…That ALL believers are a Royal Priesthood and as such called to serve God’s church and seek the lost.

…In the redemptive, transforming journey of following Jesus.

…that the GRACE of Jesus is saving.


…Creativity as a part of who God made us to be

…That structure submits to the movement of Spirit.

…Engagement with culture is not an option.

…the Relationships built in Christ.

…in the Acceptance of ALL God’s people.


Sanctuary’s MISSION

…to live out practically the teachings of Jesus.

…Life together in loving community.

…Creative celebration in our gatherings & lives.

…Mentoring & Discipleship.

….To engage the culture & community in Love & Service.

Sanctuary is a community of LOVE, HOPE & PASSION, We Experience the LOVE of Jesus, and the HOPE of His salvation, as we live our PASSIONS as the means to serve GOD.