Sanctuary Gathering

“…a community of love, hope & passion…where we find rest & release in God”

General Information

We seek to worship God in many inspired ways through a variety of media, including music, poetry, art, sound, history, movement. Our desire is to have a sanctuary in Him where we can come to worship Jesus as our Lord and Savior in the safety of God’s grace and be true to His calling. We embrace God seekers, God followers and God doubters, as well as the God oblivious, so that all that want to can …experience God, if they so choose. We value authenticity, relationships, grace, worship, and free will. We are an omni-denominational gathering, because we see so much good that so many denominations are doing. We believe God delights in His will being done, wherever it may be.
We Gather Monday Nights @ 7:30pm in San Juan Capistrano

Capistrano Business Center
27122A Paseo Espada #904
San Juan Capistrano, CA 92675

Sanctuary’s MISSION…

  • To live out practically the teachings of Jesus.
  • Life together in loving community
  • Creative celebration in our gatherings & lives
  • Mentoring & Discipleship
  • To engage the culture & community in Love & Service