Sober Living


Why Sober Living?

Sanctuary Homes can help recovering alcoholics/addicts make a smooth transition back into the flow of their daily lives. We offer care and support for men and women who have either recently completed an addiction treatment program, or need a place to reside while attending an alcohol/drug day treatment center.
Sanctuary sober living homes are open to all individuals who are struggling with addiction. Our facilities are gender specific, but our homes are community-oriented.  Our guests are invited to many social events, worship gatherings, and 12-step meetings every week.

We are all about sharing responsibility and supporting one another. Recovering alcoholics/addicts living at Sanctuary share household chores and take part activities that provide support and structure. It is our goal to help rebuild the self-responsibility that many people lose when they are addicted to drugs or alcohol.
Sanctuary Homes does expect our guests to abide by our house rules while they are residents of our facilities. These rules are designed to help protect the safety of our residents and create a healthy living environment.  Some of our rules include.


  • No drugs or alcohol may be used/consumed while a resident of Santuary Homes
  • Limited guest hours
  • Everyone must share household chores
  • No sexual contact between residents
  • No threatening language or physical confrontations

In order to protect the sanctity of the facility, violation of these rules may result in expulsion from Sanctuary Homes.
The amount of time that an individual resides at Sanctuary Homes varies according to the needs of the person. Some people find that a month after the treatment program is complete is sufficient to regain the strength they need to return to their homes, their schools or jobs.  We encourage all of our guests to stay for as long as they need to ensure a lifetime of healthy sobriety.