Welcome Home To Sanctuary House

Sanctuary House is a faith-based sober living home for those newly recovering from drug and alcohol addictions. Sanctuary House has various gender-specific locations for both men and women located throughout beautiful San Clemente, California with locations just blocks from the beach. Sanctuary House embraces the 12-step fellowships of Alcoholics Anonymous, Narcotics Anonymous and their cohorts because it has been proven that they work.  The 12-step fellowship is understanding of the nature of the alcoholic/addict and as a result can uniquely help foster recovery.


Our Mission:

We want to provide a home away from home for some….as well as a home for the very first time for others. We give ourselves in so Lost children make it home….from the destruction of addiction to the beauty of a very loving God!


Our Vision:

To provide a safe environment in which sobriety is encouraged and supported while building a strong, lasting foundation.


What We Value:

We value the 12-step recovery programs of Alcoholics Anonymous and their cohorts because it has been proven that they work. It is our hope that the guest will use their time at this home to grow fellowship in the program as well as work the 12 steps. It has been our experience that the 12-step recovery program is the best hope of the alcoholic/addict to achieve sobriety and from this grow in a relationship with his or her higher power.


Our Identity:

We are a Christ-centered community. Being a Christian is not a requirement for being a guest of Sanctuary Homes, nor is it a requirement for AA sobriety. We respect the rights of the individual, however, in the interest of fostering the strongest possible sober foundation, we value a Christian living environment.